The Beginnings of Bravery in Botswana


I want you to know that there is an infinite amount of new experiences left in the world, my dear sons. And not only for you, but for me too. In spite of the many years between you and me, there still exists a universe of firsts for us to share. Times when my eyes will be wider than yours, my mouth agape and as speechless as your own.

Just think about our time in the Kalahari desert, when we slept on a bed on the pans, under a meteorite shower, when I told you, in all sincerity, that this was one of the most marvellous experiences of my life. Marvellous, in the way of the word, marvel, “to be filled with wonder or astonishment”, the same astonishment Renzi had when he woke beside me. His army green sleeping bag up to his nose, his beanie pulled to his eyebrows, he shot up and exclaimed, “Mom! This. World. Is. Magic.”

That was a new experience for me too, kids. I repeat those words to anyone I can. “Mom! This. World. Is. Magic.” It was the moment I realised, with certainty, that this life was the right one for you, for us. This life of travel and new horizons.

Watching you, Carlos, take over the reigns of our quad bike and drive me over the unceasing pans, while I hugged you, I thought to myself, I don’t know anyone who takes on new experiences as well as you do. You jump. You remind me to jump. I kept wondering, Where is your fear?

Is that what travel does? Good and constant doses of it? It quietens the alarms, my little warrior?

I want you to know that as much as your bravery relies on mine, mine relies on yours. If this is only the beginning of the brave souls you are both to become, I know that you will make not only fine explorers, but fine men.

T & Sons

T & Sons go quad biking 1

T & Sons go quad biking 2

T & Sons go quad biking 3

T & Sons go quad biking 4

T & Sons go quad biking 6

T & Sons go quad biking 7


T & Sons go quad biking 9

T & Sons go quad biking 10

T & Sons go quad biking 11

T & Sons go quad biking 12


T & Sons go quad biking 13

All images taken on our trip to Camp Kalahari in Botswana.